Panhandle Independent Living Center began as a dream among a small group of concerned men and women, working to build better lives for people with disabilities in Amarillo.

In the early 1980’s, the Amarillo Disabled Individuals in Action (ADIA) was founded to promote barrier-free living and to cultivate public awareness. In 1988, ADIA successfully established Panhandle Action Center for Independent Living, the city’s first full-time agency dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain control of their lives through training and counseling. In 1998, the Center’s name was changed to Panhandle Independent Living Center (PILC).

The Center first opened in a small building on South Washington and in 1998, moved to a rented two-story house at 1118 South Taylor where it operated for 14 years. In 2011, PILC purchased the 6,700 square foot building at 417 West 10th Avenue. After extensive renovations, the staff moved in May, 2012. The larger facility enabled PILC to continue its steady growth and expanded services.

PILC maintains a monthly average of 125 active consumers. A welcome addition to the Center’s many programs was Youth Encountering Success, a high school transition program for students in the 26-county region. Established in 2002, YES continues offering guidance and IL services to youth preparing for graduation and life after high school. Today, PILC provides adults and youth opportunities to gain independence, acquire skills to seek housing, employment, transportation, computer training and counseling services. The Center is guided by a voluntary Board of Directors. Services are provided at no cost to people with disabilities.

417 W. 10th Ave
Amarillo, Tx 79101
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