Our Center

Panhandle Independent Living Center is a private, non-profit, nonresidential organization, managed and operated by and for people with disabilities. Our purpose is to assist people, of all ages, to gain effective control and direction of their own lives through life skills training, peer counseling, advocacy and information and referral services.

Individual and Systems Advocacy – Provide competent staff to assist individuals when discrimination in employment, education or communication occurs. Provide assistance when denial of access to social services, housing or public facilities poses obstacles to independence. In addition, individuals with disabilities are assisted in understanding and utilizing benefits available to them. The center is also involved in community advocacy, working with the community to create the accessibility and awareness necessary for participations by individuals with disabilities.

Peer Counseling and Support – Provide the peer support from staff and volunteers so necessary in coping with new disability or in striving to live more independently. These services are also available to family members and friends. Information and Referral – Maintain comprehensive information files on the availability of accessible housing, transportation, employment opportunities, interpreters for hearing-impaired individuals, Braille information and training and many other services.

Independent Living Skills – Provide competent staff for individual and group instruction which teaches skills necessary for independent living. The training includes information on interpersonal communication, financial management, living arrangements, nutrition and meal preparation, leisure time activities, adaptive equipment availability and usage, health care maintenance and more.

417 W. 10th Ave
Amarillo, Tx 79101
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