Brian McCullough – President
• Previously was a Director on the board.
• Area Account Manager – Nalco/EcoLab
• Texas Christian University BS in physics.
• My two main hobbies are model railroads - Lionel trains, and Apple computers/technology.
• I am passionate about PILC and people with disabilities because I am one. I truly believe that people with disabilities
can do anything anyone else can. We just go about things in a little different way. Additionally, I am the President and
founding member of Amarillo Raising Canes as well as a member of American Council of the Blind of Texas (ACBT)
and the Pilot dogs Alumni Association.

April Pollreisz – Treasurer/Secretary
• Previous Board Positions: N/A
• Domestic Engineer
• Masters in psychology, sociology, and criminal justice.
• Hobbies and Interests: medieval reenactment, reading, and fantasy football.
• I have lived my life being legally blind. I feel like my life experiences can be used to serve this organization in serving consumers in their needs.

JanaCampbell- Board Member
• Previous Board Positions: N/A
• IDD Service Coordinator  for Texas Panhandle Services
• Masters in social work
• Hobbies and Interests: all kinds of needlework


417 W. 10th Ave
Amarillo, Tx 79101
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